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Stand up for what you believe in when you decide to join the Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers Association. We represent 100% of Nevada's franchised auto and truck dealers, as well as, being active members of the National Automobile Dealers Association.

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Presently, our business services is managed by the Central Automotive Underwriters of Nevada. We are considered a subsidiary of the association as they are well researched for their quality, financial stability and values.

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Our association is fully committed to meeting the needs of our dealer members as we enforce high quality and reliable business services and products. In the end, we aim to benefit our members through our effort to make a difference in the industry.



We aim to benefit our dealer members

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As part of our commitment to meeting the business needs of our dealer members, NFADA endorses quality reliable business services and products to benefit our members. These business services are managed by CAU of N, Central Automotive Underwriters of Nevada, a subsidiary of the association, and are will-researched in terms of quality, financial stability and values, to offer dealers reduced expenses and greater profitability.


Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award

The Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award (TMQDA) has been called the most prestigious award a new car and truck dealer can receive. This award is bestowed upon an individual who has exceptional performance in their dealerships, combined with distinguished community service, and is presented during the NADA annual convention and exposition.

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